This call is open to all projects related to the quantum sciences. There is no deadline, but depending on the number of applications, we might need to close the call early. The allocated funds will have to be used in 2024 and will be subject to the regulations of the University of Bordeaux. For environmental reasons, please prefer the train over the plane when possible.

Please send your application in pdf format using the application form, filled in English or in French, to . Please also attach the CV of the applicant(s) or of the guest professor.

Outgoing missions – especially for experiments and collaborations, but also, upon a detailed justification, for conferences (if no other sources of funding are available).

Guest professors – the guest will be expected to give either a Graduate course or a colloquium in Bordeaux. Only a brief project description is required (no more than 1/2 page).

Events – the selection will be done based on the impact of the event to promote and foster collaborations for the QMBx community.

Projects – especially new collaborations, or collaborations involving different labs in Bordeaux, or proposals exploring new and attractive directions of research. Please briefly describe the scientific motivations, the expected outcomes, how the project will contribute to the QMBx community, and justify the requested budget. Subventions may go up to 8 000€.