Quantum Matter Bordeaux is supported by the Department of Material and Light Sciences of the University of Bordeaux.

Complex light Fields
for Optical Levitation

Nicolas Bachelard (LOMA)

Spectroscopie XUV de photoémission résolue en angle et temps

Samuel Beaulieu (CELIA)

Ultra-cold atoms in an all-optical bubble shaped trap

Baptiste Battelier (LP2N)

Support for Inelastic Neutron Scattering experiment on Nickelates superconductors at ILL

Hassan Dahab (ICMCB)

Nanomechanical Squeezing
with Single Molecules

Clément Dutreix (LOMA)
collaboration with LP2N

material quantum properties
in chiral Fabry-Pérot cavities

Lorenzo Mauro (LOMA)

Rational Control of Electron Delocalization in Transition-Metal Molecular Magnets

Sébastien Bonhommeau (ISM)
Pierre Dechambenoit (CRPP)

Superconductivity of
Nickelate compounds

Alain Demourgues (ICMCB)
Baptiste Vignolle (ICMCB)

Probing Self-Assembled Monolayers of Switchable Molecules

Mathieu Gonidec (ICMCB)
Thierry Buffeteau (ISM)

Stabilized Wavemeter for High Precision Optical Spectroscopy

Jean-Baptiste Trebbia (LP2N)

Exploration de nouvelles phases quantiques “exotiques”

Sophie Tencé (ICMCB)
Sébastien Burdin (LOMA)

Etude de la transition métal-isolant
par spectroscopie THz 2D

Jérôme Degert (LOMA)
Aline Rougier (ICMCB)

High Performance
2D Conductive Magnets

Rodolphe Clérac (CRPP)
Corine Mathonière (ICMCB)

Taylored Quantum Matter
in Ultra Cold gases

Simon Bernon (LP2N)
Jêrôme Cayssol (LOMA)