The goal of this first call is to organise and structure the local community of researchers in Bordeaux working in the field of Quantum Matter, such as for example in superconductivity, quantum magnetism, functional materials, molecule-based magnets, heterostructures, nano-optomechanics, quantum chemistry, cold atoms, light-matter couplings, quantum technologies …

The total budget of this call will be ~ 60 000 €, shared between the selected projects.
Priority in the evaluation will be given to scientific projects:
— nucleating new collaborations in Bordeaux,
— involving different institutes (UMR, UPR …) on campus,
— from scientists from other fields who want to apply their expertise to Quantum Matter,
— for the purchase of equipment shared between different teams,
— exploring new and attractive directions of research currently absent in Bordeaux.
Outreach scientific activities will also be considered by the evaluation committee.

The allocated funds will have to be used in 2020 and will be subject to the evolution of regulations of the University of Bordeaux due to the pandemic, especially for outgoing and incoming travel missions or salaries.

Please send your application in pdf format using the present form, filled in English or in French, before June 21st, 2020 to